The Vilo Acuna Airport is a small-size international airport serving the resort island of Cayo Largo del Sur, also known simply as Cayo Largo. This tiny island is part of the Canarreos archipelago located off the southern coast of the main island of Cuba. The largest island of this archipelago is Isla de la Juventud (Youth island).

The "Aeropuerto Vilo Acuna" handles both domestic and international flights. It's divided into two side-by-side buildings: Arrivals and Departures. The terminal is air-conditioned and non-smoking, expect in one designated area. For more information click the Airport Facilities links in the left menu.

There’s no jet-bridge, mobile staircases are used for embarking and disembarking passengers onto the tarmac.

The airport was named in memory of Juan Vitalio Acuña Núñez (pseudonym Vilo Acuña) (1925-1967), a farmer from the Sierra Maestra region who helped the rebels led by Fidel Castro in their fight to overthrow the Batista government during the Cuban Revolution. In November 1958 he was raised into the rank of a Comandante. He was also a joint founder of the communist party of Cuba (PCC) in the year 1965 and a member of the central committee. He died under the bullets of the Bolivian army on August 31st 1967 in the guerrilla war conducted by the famous revolutionary Ernesto «Che» Guevara.

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